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Anything Is Possible

This little page will change frequently. For now, enjoy this sneak peek.

Excerpt from my upcoming romance novella, Funny Meeting You Again

She stared at me, blinking those beautiful wide eyes at me. “I’m not getting into this conversation.”

“What conversation?” I chuckled.

“The one where you argue you’re not anti-marriage, but you try to say it’s for old folks and movies.”

“You’ve heard this before?” I leaned in.

“Yes. I’ve known you for the better part of two years. I’ve heard your thoughts on marriage before.”

I cringed. “That’s not good.”

She shrugged again. “It is what it is.”

“We should change that.” Her earring glittered against her ear at the same moment she pushed hair behind her ear. I had the sudden urge to kiss her there and watch her shiver in my arms.

“Why?” she asked. “I mean, look at them. She’s trying to teach him how to dance. I think it’s cute.”

“Wanna dance?”

She turned to me then. “With you? Why?” she chuckled. “What chu need?”

“Need? I need a lot of things. But I’d like to dance with you.” I stepped in front of her and grabbed her hand. To my surprise, she didn’t resist much. She gave me a weary look. I just smiled, sliding one hand around her waist, while her hand went around my neck. Some of her fingers grazed my scalp and I tried to hide the shiver; I swear I did. But I met her eyes all the same. We swayed to India Arie, and I couldn’t think of a better place to be.